The No Name Gallery
artwork by Michael Kienzle
  • The Last Row
    The Last Row
  • Lighthouse, La Maddalena
    Lighthouse, La Maddalena
  • The Colors of Fall
    The Colors of Fall
  • Crop Land
    Crop Land
  • Field of Clover
    Field of Clover
  • Red Hollyhocks
    Red Hollyhocks
  • Dry Spell
    Dry Spell
  • County Fair (Little People series)
    County Fair (Little People series)
  • Sardinian Sunset
    Sardinian Sunset
  • Accidental Art #2
    Accidental Art #2
  • Accidental Art #1 version 2
    Accidental Art #1 version 2
  • the Sun Sets Between Two Trees
    the Sun Sets Between Two Trees
  • Northern Lights
    Northern Lights
  • Social Media (Little People series)
    Social Media (Little People series)
  • Heat Wave
    Heat Wave
  • Diplomacy (Little People series)
    Diplomacy (Little People series)
  • Sunset, Three Sisters, Oregon
    Sunset, Three Sisters, Oregon
  • Sand Beach, Mount Desert Island
    Sand Beach, Mount Desert Island
  • Iowa Thunderstorm
    Iowa Thunderstorm
  • Shade Tree
    Shade Tree
all text and images copyright Michael Kienzle