The No Name Gallery
artwork by Michael Kienzle
  • Sweet Corn
    Sweet Corn
  • Indian Shot
    Indian Shot
  • Gladiolus
  • Dream Willow
    Dream Willow
  • Elephant Garlic
    Elephant Garlic
  • Martial Music
    Martial Music
  • Day's End
    Day's End
  • Tropic of Cancer
    Tropic of Cancer
  • Stop Go Repeat
    Stop Go Repeat
  • Red Striped Quilt
    Red Striped Quilt
  • Blue Waterfall
    Blue Waterfall
  • Love Sandwich
    Love Sandwich
  • Venus on the Half Shell (After Pythagoras)
    Venus on the Half Shell (After Pythagoras)
  • Toward a Better Mood
    Toward a Better Mood
  • The End of Days
    The End of Days
  • Standing Nude, Vaguely Remembered
    Standing Nude, Vaguely Remembered
  • Squaresville Number 2
    Squaresville Number 2
  • Spring Sleeps Underground
    Spring Sleeps Underground
  • Map of a Sleeping City
    Map of a Sleeping City
  • Sky Above Earth Below
    Sky Above Earth Below
all text and images copyright Michael Kienzle