The No Name Gallery
artwork by Michael Kienzle
  • Fire Eater
    Fire Eater
  • Reincarnation
  • Korea
  • Night Overcomes Day
    Night Overcomes Day
  • January Flowers
    January Flowers
  • They Must Be Flowers
    They Must Be Flowers
  • Wheel Flowers
    Wheel Flowers
  • January Flowers
    January Flowers
  • Rising Road
    Rising Road
  • Banner
  • Hendry's Beach
    Hendry's Beach
  • Haystack (after Milton Avery)
    Haystack (after Milton Avery)
  • The Tug Master's Tower
    The Tug Master's Tower
  • The Upper Garden
    The Upper Garden
  • Rain on the Pearl
    Rain on the Pearl
  • Imaginary Garden
    Imaginary Garden
  • Northern Lights
    Northern Lights
  • Autumn Hills
    Autumn Hills
  • Night Lights
    Night Lights
  • Glass of Summer Sky
    Glass of Summer Sky
all text and images copyright Michael Kienzle