The No Name Gallery
artwork by Michael Kienzle
  • Face of the Earth
    Face of the Earth
  • Summer Twilight
    Summer Twilight
  • Tall Corn
    Tall Corn
  • Sunny Beach with Whale
    Sunny Beach with Whale
  • Church and Steeple
    Church and Steeple
  • Untitled
  • Behind the Lace Curtains
    Behind the Lace Curtains
  • Archeology
  • Nursery for Future Tears
    Nursery for Future Tears
  • Falling Leaves
    Falling Leaves
  • Land Mass
    Land Mass
  • Over Under Sideways Down
    Over Under Sideways Down
  • Jaws of the Beast (Paris)
    Jaws of the Beast (Paris)
  • The Greens
    The Greens
  • The Blues
    The Blues
  • The Reds
    The Reds
  • Another Version of Phil's Garden
    Another Version of Phil's Garden
  • Assorted Flowers
    Assorted Flowers
  • Blood on Blood
    Blood on Blood
  • Sun and Sea
    Sun and Sea
all text and images copyright Michael Kienzle